Welcome to Genyus Network

A safe social space where ppl touched by stroke & brain injury are empowered, resilient & connected.

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What Does Genyus Network Do? 👇

We bring together those navigating life after stroke to connect through storytelling, support groups, and insight sharing. By sharing our experiences, we find solace and empower each other to overcome obstacles and embrace new possibilities.

What Is The Benefit Of Joining? 👇

Our community, courses, and memberships are pretty special. We’re invested in providing ways to make a massive difference in your life.

As a member of Genyus Network, you'll get to:

  • Share your experiences and stories, helping yourself and others deal with traumatic experiences.
  • Find solace, empathy, and support through connections built with people facing similar challenges.
  • Discover tools and insights to empower you to overcome obstacles and open up new possibilities in your life.

What Do I Get If I Join Genyus Now?👇

As a member, you’ll get exclusive access to:

Personal Stories

This is an opportunity to articulate your experiences, emotions, and progress since your trauma. This helps you reflect on your journey through written or video format and inspires those dealing with similar situations.

Live Support Groups

Engage in our dynamic support groups via chat, where you can share insights and find solace with others going through similar challenges. Open, empathetic conversation with peers greatly aids personal growth and self-acceptance, creating a sense of belonging and understanding.

Online Courses & Events

Gain expert knowledge and experiential wisdom about coping mechanisms, physical exercises and motivational guides post-trauma. This expertise can help you navigate your acceptance, recovery and growth journey.